Valveteen Manicure

Be Creative

R 65.00 R 80.00

Leading the way when it comes to manicure trends Sam presents the most luxurious, most talked-about of fingertip fashions. Velveteen, the Be Creative velvet manicure!

Velveteen is soft as velvet and built to last. It may give the impression you have dipped your fingers in fairy dust but it’s deceivingly hard wearing and waterproof too!

This revolutionary new product can be used on natural nails or enhancements, and needs nothing more than a UV lamp to cure the gel sealer required to bond the fibres.

To apply on to gel polish, simply sprinkle this fine material onto your wet gel and then cure for 2 minutes. Brush away the excess and return to the jar. You can use Velveteen with any gel sealer, but it must not leave an inhibition layer. You can also apply Velveteen with regular top coat over polish.

Combine your Velveteen with Swarovski crystals and gel polish to enhance the texture and depth of your design.

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