Arabella Fantasy Nail Forms

Be Creative

R 400.00

Create tips and enhancements, stickers & embellishments. Pre-design or practice nails.

Be Creative is the official worldwide distributor of Arabella Fantasy Nail Forms, the brainchild of Sam Lynam who created this unique and reusable tool to help you create embellishments and stickers, and to improve your design skills.

Fantasy Forms can be used with gel, acrylic and gel polish. They are shaped like a nail with a C curve, measure 10cm long and are supplied in 10 different sizes.

Use them in your quiet moments to practice your craft, creating a collection of embellishments to encapsulate onto nails later. Pre-design complex tips without your client being present and amaze her with your fantastical pieces of art! The design can easily be removed from the form and adhered to the free edge.

They can be pinched, drawn on and are reusable.

Students can especially benefit from the Arabella Forms, providing an inexpensive way to practice those smile lines. Entering a competition? Use your Arabella Forms to develop the design. For photo shoots too.

After sizing your models nails create designs at your leisure and then simply apply them with speed on the day.  

Supplied as a pack of 20 re-usable forms.

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